I am the architect, the creator and the nurturer

I am soft as a feather and stronger than steel

I am warm as the summer and cooler than a snow  blizzard

I am always running and have plenty of time to be wasted

I am young and wise beyond my years

I am ageless and ancient

I laugh through tears

I bath in everlasting sunshine of the rain

I am the one and only

I am the perfect contradiction

I am the mother, sister, lover...

I am a woman

Our founder, an Interior Architect, Dosia Konn, designed beautiful spaces for over 20 years.
​Things changed in 2016 when she attended the Fashion Summit in Copenhagen. 

Deeply inspired by the event, Dosia looked into the fashion industry, and the idea of a genuinely sustainable and transparent fashion brand was born.

Today Secret Of 3 is a luxury online loungewear shop, offering beautifully handmade slow fashion.


​In all our collections we use only natural, biodegradable and recycled/upcycled materials (cotton, organic cotton, linen, wool, silk)

We follow strictly sustainable and ethical manufacturing models (vertical integration, water conservation, fair trade)

We incorporate innovative technologies into our company model (upcycled fibres and materials, use of reclaimed water in the manufacturing process, nontoxic colouring agents)


Dosia’s architectural background is strongly incorporated into the company’s identity and philosophy built on three pillars, which she defined as :


Our fashion label has the ambition to not only provide beautiful products but to connect with our clients. Our priority is to work in the most ethical, sustainable and transparent way. 

Because we are committed to our principles,  we invest in research before we decide to spec any material or choose a supplier for our brand.