Life is          better
in pyjamas.

Welcome to the Secret Of 3 - the house of timelessly stylish, premium quality daywear and nightwear.

As a company, we are proud of our British heritage, which is reflected in our conscious luxury lifestyle collections.

We are passionate about natural materials, beautiful loungewear and luxury living.

Here in our online loungewear shop, you will find exquisite pyjamas made from cotton and linen and mulberry silk pyjamas.

Please visit the online kimono store section to find your favourite kimono gown.

We believe in a slow fashion dedicated to creating long-lasting, timeless pieces of quality.

Make sure to visit us frequently, as all our collections are limited and are handcrafted in small quantities.

We are working continuously to bring you new and exciting choices for your beautiful life

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Transparency is an important element of our brand.


We had the pleasure of meeting all of our suppliers personally. Nevertheless, we realized that it may be difficult for you to travel extensively to meet every person and business that stands behind our brand, so we decided to bring them to you.


To learn more about our carefully selected supply chain, click the image below.