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Art Dress

       History of Lodz is a history of the textile industry. At the pick of the Industrial Revolution, this Polish city was a serious rival to Manchester - The Cottonopolis.

       Walking through Lodz today, you can still feel the strong identity of the textile hub, even thou the industry no longer thrives here.

       Our beautiful range of sleepwear is brought to life, by talented and experienced artisans and dressmakers from Lodz.

       We are incredibly fortunate to work with Art Dress, a highly ethical small garment manufacturer, where each piece of clothes is handcrafted. 

       The attention to detail and passion of Art Dress is just unparalleled. Their skills, talent and commitment, is a perfect match for our brand values.

       We did it all just for you, and now you can enjoy unrivalled comfort and style of our natural sleepwear.

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