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Angela Sharp in conversation with Dosia Konn about the new collaboration between

Secret Of 3 and The Sweet Dreams Studio.



Angela Sharp: Greetings, Dosia, and congratulations on the opening of a new concept store in the United States. Obviously, this is a very new project and I understand that you are determined to provide us with a perfect and restful night's sleep. This philosophy has been part of The Secret Of 3 since the very beginning, but I believe you have taken it to a whole new level. Can you elaborate?

Dosia Konn: Thank you Angela. Yes, this is an exciting project that I am very passionate about it. Together with my cofounders Andie Psaras and Kim Barthelmes, we opened a brand new concept store in Pittsburgh, PA, which specializes in everything related to the bedroom. ...not just any bedroom, but one that is healthy, beautiful, and elegant. Similar to the Secret Of 3 philosophy, we emphasize the beauty of natural materials. 

AS: Do you believe that natural materials contribute to a restful night's sleep and our sense of wellbeing?

DK: Without a doubt, yes. Having an environment surrounded by NATURE and in the QUIET of pure materials is the best way to experience well-being.  

AS: Why should we avoid synthetics, particularly in our bedrooms?

DK: More and more studies are being done that show how harmful synthetics are to our health. Our homes are filled with microplastic particles. Bedrooms are where we breathe most of it into our lungs. 

AS: How can we enjoy a truly restful and rejuvenating night's sleep?

DK: I recommend starting with whatever is closest to your skin and then expanding the circle until you find the perfect bedroom for you.

AS: It sounds like a difficult task, but I've heard that Sweet Dreams Studio is a great place to look for advice and help. Is that right?

DK: Absolutely, our collaboration with The Sweet Dreams Studio is centred around the idea that your bedroom should be a safe and healthy space. You will find in our store everything you need for your bedroom that is not only stylish and beautiful but healthy and environmentally friendly. In essence, we offer the luxury of peace of mind.

AS: Could you tell me more about what this concept is about?

DK: First, we offer a luxurious sleepwear/lounge collection exclusively from natural materials.

As a part of our offer, you will find exquisite kimono evening dresses and silk pyjamas for evening wear. After that, we provide the best possible bedding solutions tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. Finally, we also offer professional Interior Design services to ensure that everything fits together in harmony.

AS: This is an excellent idea since more people are looking for healthy lifestyle solutions, and the bedroom is the perfect place to start. It has been a pleasure talking with you.

DK: Thank you, Angela.