Silk facts


The worm



Known to us for over three thousand years. This fabric became a synonym for everything divine, mysterious and luxurious.

It is probably the most feminine material, and just like a woman, it is full of surprises and contradictions. Light and so soft to the touch, silk is stronger than steel. It will quickly absorb moisture, and then it will dry fast. It is strong, durable, and it doesn't shrink.

You can enjoy your silks for years as long as you don't expose them to the sunlight, as the UV rays are the only thing that will destroy it.
All of this thanks to the little worm called Bombyx Mori.

Image by Zugr

The legend



There is a beautiful legend, describing the discovery of silk.

Lei Zu, a Concubine of the Chinese ancient Emperor Xuanyuan, is recognized as the ancestor of sericulture and silk spinning.

One day when she was drinking tea under a mulberry bush, one of the cocoons fell into her bowl.

When she tried to fish it out, she found it stretched in a never-ending line.

Silk is one of the oldest fibres known to man, originated in ancient China.

According to some archeological data silk was put to practical use as early as 4700 years ago.

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak

The luxury



Everything about silk is about luxury and sensuality. Wearing silk feels just amazing against your skin. This fabric will mesmerise with its lustre, lightness and colour. Silk was a best-kept secret for thousands of years.  
Luckily today we can get our hands on some gorgeous silk garments.
This fibre is not just a pretty face. Silk will naturally regulate your body temperature, keeping you in the optimal comfort zone.

Scientists found out recently that regularly wearing silk will stimulate cell regeneration of the human skin. It is hygienic, hypoallergenic and naturally repels mould and mildew.