Slow Fashion

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Secret Of 3

       What do we mean when we talk about Slow Fashion?  Well, it is not some new style or a trend. It is a conscious decision to buy fewer clothes, choose better quality and enjoy them longer.

       And this is what the Secret of 3 is all about. Care for the environment and sustainable development have accompanied us from the very beginning of the brand's existence. Every year we broaden our awareness, we work to ensure that the fashion we create is responsible.

It takes time, effort and careful planning. We are continually searching for new suppliers that work according to our shared values.


       We keep our supply chain short and build long-term relationships with our suppliers based on trust and communication. All our collections are designed and produced with maximum attention to quality so that you can enjoy it for a long time. In times of consumerism, mass production and minimizing production costs, we FOCUS ON QUALITY, not on quantity.

       Secret Of 3 says NO to plastic.
The Earth is choking on plastic. We know that it will take hundreds of years to get rid of it. How much plastic, in the form of polyester, nylon and acrylic is hidden in our wardrobes? The answer is: too much. 

       As a brand, we have pledged not to add to already overwhelming amount of plastic pollution. As a result, we only design, manufacture and package our collection in natural and biodegradable materials.

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